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    The Endurance Series


    Endurance The Power Within Mei Gordon, has been fighting a spiritual battle that has destroyed her

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    Mortally Immortal


    ?Mortally Immortal? merges all six volumes of autobiographically inspired poetic literature. This book is crowded

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    Burnt into her memory is the blade in her husband's fist coming directly towards her.

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    Feral Revised


    Azura Hanson, lost at the age of two, on a family camping trip. She is

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    Codex & The Being of Karma


    Karma is making her rounds and death is close behind her... The women of the

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    Kenji Washington becomes surrounded by shocking secrets and shocking surprises. In a surprise encounter with

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    Contentment infused Makayla Li’s marriage to a prosperous stock broker. Betrayal wrapped its dark hands

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    Endurance The Power Within


    Telepathy; it was his first spiritual gift given to him since birth. Growing up with a

  • From Gigolo to Jesus


    A JOURNEY FROM MISOGYNY TO MONOGAMY As a young boy, growing up without a father, K.L.